The Burial of the Green House

Update! (This is your cue to read the last post first. Or, continue in confusion if you like. That’s fine, too.)

The storm is just beginning. Winds are up to 35 knots and visibility is down to zero. We just received a new weather forecast for tomorrow:

Wind: SE 50-70kt. (storm with gusts to hurricane forces) decreasing during afternoon 25-45kt.

So much for “hopefully.”

We have already brought plenty of food from the Big House  over to the Green House in anticipation. We expect not to exit the Green House until the storm recedes, unless absolutely necessary. I half expect that when that time comes, we will have to dig our way out of this building.  Here’s why:

February 14ish: We decide that continuing to dig out the south door is futile, and choose to abandon it.
February 17ish: Over the course of a few windy days, drifting snow slowly envelops the south door.
February 21: After two days of 40+ knot winds, not just the south door, but the entire south face of the Green House is buried (and the east face, and most of the west face too).

Damn it, I just realized my Scotch is in the Big House.

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    1. Actually, more like the east. I think the north door is slightly protected by the new microturbine building. On a side note, the microturbine doesn’t work (an alarmingly normal status for new stuff).

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