What Condition 1 Should Look Like

Yes, this is more like it: blasting wind, whipping snow, fleeting visibility. This is the Con 1 we know and love—not that silliness with the beautiful sunny skies and just a bit of nip in the air.

Can you see the Green House? Yeah, me either.

Apparently, I spoke too soon in yesterday’s post. Still, today’s storm is not as bad as the last one . . . yet.

Sam took this photo of me enjoying the 50 mph breeze during our last storm system.

Life is like that: you’re either between storms, or you’re in one. But here at Summit Station, it’s always Condition 1!

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  1. The drifts are already huge, and they’re impossible to see in the flat light of dusk. On my way to the Big House for dinner, the first drift was almost as tall as me. I fell flat on my face, literally. The second drift was only a couple feet tall, yet I found myself on the ground again. I had to laugh for a long moment, sprawled in the snow. During the rest of my walk I got zapped several times when my arm brushed up against my radio antenna. I was somehow still surprised when the Big House door handle shocked the shit out of me. My laugh turned maniacal.

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