A Few Pics

It’s nearly impossible to blog from a ship in the Southern Ocean over a satellite link. My last post cost $80. Fortunately we receive a weekly allowance of internet credit and—since I’m not a social media junkie—I had already accumulated the sum. That said, this post will be short and to the point.

The point is, I’ve been posting photos to Instagram—not a junkie, I swear!—because it’s quick and it’s light on the internet credit budget. I just wanted to let you faithful readers know to look for me there. My username is, ironically, xicerex. Or just click on the little Instagram icon down at the bottom of this page.

And since you may have been missing out, I thought I’d throw in a little bonus for you here—several photos that have not been posted to Instagram. Enjoy!

King penguins, doing their thing—whatever that is.
If I was a striated caracara, this albatross chick would look like an ice cream cone!
The proverbial tip of the iceberg.
This grey furball will one day be a beautiful black-browed albatross.
A rockhopper penguin in need of a quippy anthropomorphism. Any ideas?

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