The Anglers of Odd Eddies

The Anglers of Odd Eddies is a club, of sorts. Its members are the dream followers, adventurers, and self-proclaimed outcasts who fish for happiness in the backwaters of life. They are unwilling to cast their line in the main stream.

Membership is currently self-proclaimed, though official membership may one day be possible (this will likely remain simple, along the lines of a sticker and a hug). Official or unofficial, I encourage you to embrace The Anglers of Odd Eddies as your own, to reel in your line—especially if happiness is not biting—and to cast it again in new waters—in the backwaters, the dream waters, the enchanted eddies, whatever those may be to you.

May your angling tales grow ever bigger!

Rex Nelson
Zen Master Odd Eddy Angler Extraordinaire (titles are also self-proclaimed)